We’re a born and bred Kiwi family with three¬†adventurous young boys. But raising intrepid Kiwi kids brings with it risks from which perhaps no parent is exempt.

A while ago one of our precious sons, then 20 months old, suddenly became lost in a large department store. While I was looking through some clothes, Caleb, our eldest, was playing under an adjacent row of clothes racks. One minute he was there, and then all of a sudden he was gone. “Caleb where are you?” I called, but there was no answer.

My heart sank… I felt a gut-wrenching panic set in as my eyes frantically scanned the immediate area. I started to make my way around the clothes racks, then around the rest of the store, quickly searching while moving toward the main entrance of the store. My worst fear was that he could easily have run out of the automatic opening doors, and into the busy carpark. Those first few vital minutes, while I panicked and searched in all the wrong places, had given Caleb enough time to move further and further away from me.

Fortunately as I headed back in towards the centre of the store I came across a staff member who had found my son, and was carrying him towards me. “Mummy!” Caleb exclaimed. I sighed with relief and thanked the staff member immediately. She had found him wandering around the far end of the store.

I’m sure many of you can relate to this situation and will have your own close call story.

Now we have a toddler locator on all of our sons and in the event that one of them does disappear momentarily we can locate either of them at the push of a button. Our outings are now safer and less stressful all round.

Our aims are to bring a range of the worlds most effective and affordable locator products to New Zealand parents, to increase child safety awareness, and to help ensure the safety of Kiwi wanderers, both young and old.

Keep Safe –
Sharon Bradley