Child Locator:

The Mummy I’m here Locator has been a great help, shopping has never been this stress free. Since receiving the locator Levi has been a dream to take shopping, now that he has the freedom to walk alone without me constantly telling him to hold my hand we’ve had no issues with running off anymore, I hardly have to push the button. We have test run it and he knows now when he hears the beep either on me or him to stop, and he yells out “I’m here mummy


I just wanted to express my thanks and gratitude towards the update of our delivery and for the delivery of your quality products. My youngest son has autism so I’m all for safety products. I will pass on the flyers at the school that I work at and I have told some colleagues about your safety products for children. Again words cannot express the professionalism, reasonable prices and quality of your wandering kiwi business and the products you sell


I used the brown teddy bear locator on Saturday. Was great when we went to The Warehouse and she was running up & down the aisles. Everyone was wondering what this beeping noise was. Thanks heaps for all your service and I will recommend your product to my friends


My boy is very independent at 2 1/2 and the push chair is not an option anymore and he seems to think it is hilarious running away and hiding from us… so we have had some incidence even though I said I don’t think I would lose him. Just having the locator gives me peace of mind. I really appreciate your communication! Will defiantly spread the word about your company


We are off to Aussie next week and have purchased the teddy bear locator specifically for the trip. I am looking forward to knowing that if my little boy wanders off I will be able to find him! Peace of mind really – Thanks


Pet Locator:

The Loc8tor plus has been the most anxiety-reducing, stress-relieving purchase in regards to our four Burmese cats and we could now never do without it. We bought the loc8tor tags when they were recommended to us after we moved to our new house 8 months ago and our little Holly went missing for two nights – all that stress and she was only 2 doors down the whole time! We vowed to make the purchase and we’ve never looked back. When gone for longer than normal, a quick scout round the neighbourhood and we find them, stuck up a tree, locked in someone’s house or in some other trouble. Now they’re so trained if they’re in range the beeping on their collar is enough for them to know it’s time to come home. Sharon of ‘Wandering Kiwi’ has been amazing support for the product and extremely helpful. I can’t recommend this product enough, so much so, other cat owner friends have made the purchase

Amy and Kent

After receiving my Loc8tor Plus, I had it set up and running in no time at all, thanks to the well laid out user guide. For the initial test, I went out for a while, leaving my wife to hide the tag anywhere on our property. She chose a cunning spot, yet when I returned home I managed to find the tag in less than five minutes. The device is simple to use and works pretty much as I expected. The Loc8tor Plus is an excellent product!


I got to test out the Loc8tor for real last week. I came home and no cat. Walked around the block a couple of times calling him and using the handset, no sign. I decided to check the two nearest neighbours and walked around their houses searching for a signal and after less than a minute I’d located him in a garage (same place he got locked into last time). Big relief. I probably would have asked them if I could check their garage since he’s been in there before, but he’s so timid he doesn’t always show himself if there are strangers around, so it was nice to be able to tell them for sure that he was in there, instead of being a bit weird asking if I could look through their stuff again. Excellent peace of mind!


Thanks again for the friendly emails and of course the loc8tor product. I know it’s the best spent money!


You’d be surprised the number of times I use the Loc8tor, even finding the cats in the wardrobe or asleep in the bushes. Just peace of mind really. Again thanks for your prompt service


The tags arrived this morning. Thank you for the great service


I have 6 cats and 6 loc8ters. This has saved me many hours of worry particularly with 2 little dumped cats that we have given a home. They were quite skittery – one bordering on feral and would hide in some weird places. Also have a couple of pedigree cats and if they are within hearing distance they will come home when I activate the loc8ter. I reward them with a few biscuits. Now the two little waifs have settled in they will nearly always come home as well. This has given me a lot of peace of mind and worth every penny


I use the Loc8tor Plus with my 4 cats and I can now find them whenever I want, including at the neighbours house! The splashproof covers are a great idea, especially as I can thread the collar through them


An update on the tag – my cat hardly knows it’s there and pays virtually no attention to the beeping, which is good because I thought it might freak him out. I haven’t properly tested its range yet, but I did find him sleeping in the shed at the weekend. Fingers crossed I never have to use it for real, but it’s reassuring to know it’s there if I do


Thanks, the splashproof tag cases for the collars have been very useful for the cats that we have


Thanks, for the splashproof cat tag cases. I know how hard wearing these are as we have had the original protectors for many years now. I am very pleased with the loc8tor plus as it is much easier to use