‘Mummy, I’m Here!’ Teddy Bear Locator


We all know the gut-wrenching feeling of losing sight of your child when you’re out and about. Despite our most diligent efforts in supervision, children do wander sometimes, and locating them is especially hard in situations such as clothing shops, malls, amusement parks, airports, sporting events, in the bush, on busy beaches or at camping grounds. A little extra help from a Teddy Bear Child Locator means you can enjoy more peace of mind.

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The Teddy Bear Child Locator is extremely reliable and easy to use. It has a wide rangeand is water and shock resistant.

Simply attach the teddy bear to your child by threading onto a belt, velcro shoe strap, shoelaces or a wrist strap. Attach the wireless transmitter to your keyring or place in your pocket or bag. If you lose sight of your child, simply press the button on the key chain transmitter and the Teddy Bear will chirp (88dB), alerting you to your child’s whereabouts. Effective within at least a 45 metre radius (open air).

Wander Alert Function: (blue Alert Model only)
To avoid your child straying too far, a 25-30ft (7-9 metre) ‘geofence’ is set, meaning that when your child strays beyond this limit, your parent hand-held unit will beep to alert you. If you cannot see your child, simply use the Locate function to find and retrieve your child.

The ‘Mummy I’m Here!’ Teddy Bear Locator comes complete with long-life replaceable batteries (CR 2032 x 2 for both handheld unit and Teddy Bear). Product features a low-battery indicator.

Full operating instructions supplied with product.

Specifications available on request.

This product is supplied in New Zealand in compliance with Australian/New Zealand radio frequency safety standards. Radio Spectrum Management Supplier Code Number: Z1306

To ensure the safety and security of a child, close and constant adult supervision must be exercised at all times. The Mummy I’m Here is not to be used in lieu of close and constant supervision. The Mummy I’m Here is intended to be used as an aid in locating a lost child, in the event that a child becomes separated from a caregiver. The product enhances but does not guarantee the ability to find a lost child and the manufacturer and distributors of the Mummy I’m Here cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury.


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